Valid for WOD, OLY, Active Recovery or Lifting.
You can buy a single time (Drop-in) through Sportabler. You can also purchase at the gym.

Opening Hours

MONDAY - 05:30-22:00
TUESDAY - 05:30-22:00
WEDNESDAY - 05:30-22:00
THURSDAY - 05:30-22:00
FRIDAY - 05:30-22:00
SATURDAY - 09:30-20:00
SUNDAY - 10:30-20:00

We are located here

Hafnarbraut 8, 300 Akranes, Iceland

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About us

Ægir Gym is a fitness center located at Hafnarbraut 8 in Akranes. The station was opened on September 11, 2017 and since the beginning has offered a large number of sessions, every day of the week. Our goal is to offer exercises that everyone can adapt to their abilities, and exercise facilities where people enjoy exercising in a fun company.

We offer a workout of the day (WOD - workout of the day) as well as having Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting, active recovery and special classes for kids, teenagers and the elderly. In each class there is a trainer who guides and takes we inquire.



A gym focuses on great results with varied exercise and quality of health. The station promotes joy and progress through simplicity and pleasure.


Aim for "Good Success" with specialized and joyful exercise. Here the focus is on the individual, personal fitness and dedication, and preparation for good health and physical strength.


The station focuses on creating an environment where training is not only effective, but also fun, comfortable and accessible for everyone.